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DA: Förlust i serieavslutningen

With Sollentuna above us on the ladder, the Elite team wanted to make a stand and end the season with a bang! Unfortunately, Sollentuna played a well balanced and strong game against RIG A leaving the team 5-5 in the series.

The A team met Sollentuna last Sunday with a motivation to win. This time, it was a bit special since this was the Senior's who played for the Elite teams last match in the series. It was also the first time, in which player Sandra Abrahamsson was to see court time with the Elite team since her shoulder surgery over the summer. Sofia Andersson was seen back in the captains position as well after being away for a long stint with back pain. With preparation and a plan from Coach Whitney Turner, the girls were set to play a good match. 

Set one started with RIG behind by 3. After some tough attacks and better serve receive, RIG was right back with Sollentuna point for point. Unfortunately, there were too many own errors from RIG which put them in a spot hard to get out of. The first set went to Sollentuna 16-25.

The second set saw more of what RIG is capable of. Heavy attack, better serve receive and blocking. This time it seemed the roles had reversed and RIG was in the lead first with 3-0. It was lucky and motivating for RIG with Sollentuna giving up 13 own errors. Even with this advantage, RIG was unable to clentch the win. Final score 22-25. 

With motivation on high RIG went into the third set with avengence. There were many great plays but the small things, like closing the block, reacting to the ball in defence or tips and roll shots still managed to chip away at the team. Towards the end of the set, it looked like RIG was still trying to make a dent in the point run Sollentuna had made, then a beautiful block came from Evelina Granberg which powered the team forward for a few more exciting points. However, it wasn't enough, ending the set 20-25.

This last match put the Elite squad at 5-5 on the season. They ended 8th overall in the ladder and made quite an impression on higher ranked teams as well. One of the highlights of the season was the 3-0 win over Hylte/Halmstad, what a win! 

Some players worth mentioning: Hanna Hellvig made some spectacular attacks and blocks. Evelina Granberg, even with a shaky first set, produced for the team in the second and third with strong attacks and blocks. All setters showed stability and a leading spirit on the court. Wilma Calmfors was on fire in defense. Everyone fought hard this match, that was clear. Watching the video after, you can see the support and happiness in all players.  

"I would like to say congratulations to the seniors and all who played Elite this year. You all have done such a great job and I hope you will continue with the success and progress you have made this year through to the next chapter of your lives" - Coach Whitney Turner 

Top point scorers: 

Hanna Hellvig 14p (MVP of the match) 

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