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DB-Lund VK

A short, three point win for the B team to secure their spot at number 4 in the ladder and end their season! Final Scores: (25-15, 25-18, 25-12)

RIGB’s season comes to a close tonight after gaining three points against Lunds VK. The team started off with own mistakes and so after the time out and showing we had been giving them points, they turned it around and started to fight for the match. Even though the match was a bit slow, they tried to remain focused and to try new things. The serve pressure was there and we were able to continuously turn the ball around and side out quick. The focus began to dwindle a little towards the end, however, we were able to finish strong in three sets.

It is important to point out, there was a 15 point stretch from Ida Tholen in the third set and she never dropped her focus at the service line.

This match was not only the last in the series but also the last for some of the seniors who usually play Div 1. To them, I say congrats and good luck in the future! Thank you for letting me get to know you as players and people.

That’s a wrap for RIG B! Until next season, hej då!


Top Point Scorers:

Ida Tholen: 9p

Ida Johansson: 8p

Evelin Malmbom: 8p

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