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DB: Battle with Falkenbergs VBK

RIG B battled with Falkenberg VBK tooth and nail with 5 tight sets. Unfortunately RIG’s 20 serve aces weren’t enough for the win.


2-3 (25-19, 24-26, 25-22, 25-27, 11-15)

The match was a mixture of high, highs and high, lows. The first set was relaxed and a fairly easy win. Credit of the win can be put on the immense pressure the players put in the serve. The outside hitters were very much a part of the won sets, they were able to take care of the ball much better.


Second set, we lost confidence and began to slide backwards. It did not help that we made 11 unforced errors. The aggressive feeling was fleeting and the girls were playing timid.


The 3rd set, we gained a bit more confidence and charged back. We put ourselves in a comfortable lead with strength in the serve and discipline in the block.


The 4th set saw more momentum and excitement from FVBK. The louder they got the more RIG became timid and hesitant in their play. The feeling of trying to hurry up and win was prevelant. FVBK kept their unforced errors to a low, while we retained 11, again.


The 5th and final set was a back forth tug of war until we were tied at 7-7. Our receive began to fail and we could not take care of the ball in attack. FVBK had the upper hand and the momentum. RIG looked to be hoping for mistakes from FVBK. RIG let this team in for a short moment and Falkenberg took advantage of the opportunity.


Mentionable players were Ewelina Grandberg with 8 kills, 2 blocks and 1 serve ace.


-”It was great to see her attack on other angles, down the line, cross, etc. Her receive was decently consistent as well” -Comments Coach Whitney


Matilda Fransson showed the gym just how powerful her serve is recording 8 aces in 5 sets. She also killed 11 balls and 1 block.


-”Matilda’s serve is scary! As a former player, I would be nervous to be the target of one of her float serves. They come fast, flat and float.” -Comments Coach Whitney


Top Scorers:


Matilda Fransson: 20
Sofia Stiernström: 16
Ewelina Grandberg: 11

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