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DA: Utan poäng mot Lund

A golden opportunity for RIG A lost because of impecable block defense from Lund VK.

RIG vs Lund 0-3 (17-25, 19-25, 20-25)

RIG A had worked hard all week and saw an opportunity to take a point or two from Lund VK sunday afternoon in Lund. Unfortunately, the focus for the win and what needed to be done was missing. When Lund kept getting the ball up on defense and was able to produce a settable ball from an okay serve receive, it seemed we were at a loss of what to do. The leadership role was passed around the team and then it went missing for a time. Teammates looking at one another to do the job instead of taking responsibility themselves to make it happen.

However, this all being said, there were moments of pure development and the game began to flow like it should. Unfortunately, they were only happening in spurts, leading to inconsistency which is consistently an issue with the team. But, this sort of thing comes with experience and these matches are exactly the reason we play them, for the experience.

The second set, I thought, was ours with a great lead in the beginning. Up by 7 at one point things were looking good for us, but Lund turned up the heat and started to play with more energy and fight. Their main outside hitter was getting a lot of points on us with some strong attacks but also a lot of miss hits and tips.

Vilma Andersson was awarded player of the match and rightfully so. She gave a valiant performance and was producing attackable sets and played decent defense.

Now its time for a much needed break for both players and coaches. Starting a new Friday with trainings and matches to follow on the weekend for all teams. Have a nice vacation!

Vilma Andersson (Setter): 2p
Agnes Elm (OH/Oppo): 5p
Erika Lindqvist (MB): 1p (left first set with injured thumb)
Hanna Hellvig (OH): 9p
Nora Andersson (OH): 5p
Cornelia Roseqvist (MB): 3p
Sofia Stiernström (Oppo): 4p
Linda Andersson (MB): 3p
Kajsa Österman (Libero): 38% pos.
Catarina Cooper (Libero): 44% pos.

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