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DB: Ending on a high note!

With the season now complete, the final win puts a figurative "nail in the coffin" for the girls B team. The team will take the bronze medal, following very close behind silver medalists, Värnamo who solidified second after their win against Kronan.

Yesterdays match against local club team, Falköping, was a swift passage to division 1 bronze. With all of the usual B team players able to play, except Wilma Calmfors who could unfortunately not attend due to injury, the team was set with 13 players. Of the year threes, Lisa Petersson, Ella Sandberg, Catarina Cooper, Ida Johansson, Sandra Abrahamsson and Ida Viking were in attendance for their last match at RIG. 

The first and last sets were unmatched with scores of 25-8 and 25-13. Falköping was not playing like themselves. They didn't have much fight to work with. Their star outside attacker was the only one making points, which made it difficult for them to get into a rythme.

The second set was the most action packed. However, this was mainly due to RIG's own mistakes and the, almost constant look of surprise of the players when Falköping was playing well. Luckily, RIG was able to wake up at the end of the set to finish with 25-23. 

What was really fun to see, from a coaches perspective, was the success of the players who were trying (and succeeding) a skill they had been working on at trainings. For example, Ida Larsson had been trying out the toss with her spin serve during fridays training and had a couple which connected well. During the match she absolutely nailed the toss and was serving bullets, recording 3 aces, 2 landing in a row. The huge smile on her face was enough to make any coach happy. Another example was Ida Viking going for some fearless swings from the pipe. Maja Hedén was yet another example, putting down some solid kills as an opposite. She had been working on her approach to the ball all week.

I remember being a player myself, having those moments when a skill or action finally clicks and you realize your power on the court. It's pretty amazing. 

We would like to thank all who have supported us this season, it means a lot! Until next season, hej då!  

Top point scorers: 

Ida Larsson: 11p

Maja Hedén: 10p

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