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DB: 3 points to tie up second place!

Windy roads and rain did not dampen our moods today! With about 100 people in the crowd in Veddige, the energy was electric and RIG was feeling the fight.

As RIG B arrived to the hall, there were some queasy stomachs from the ride in. The roads in to Veddige were very windy and curved a lot which did not make for smooth travel. Some players seemed tired and looked sickly in the locker room. Luckily the feelings of sickness subsided before game time. 

Vidhögehallen in Veddige was light up with around 100 spectators. It was their last home game of the season. The coaching staff came prepared with suits and ties which had Veddige written on them. I must admit, it was quite intimidating at first. With the first set under way, Veddige came out with energy. RIG B had a rough start and played timid. Veddige won this set purely based on momentum and energy. They were fired up and RIG B was passive until the end of the set when there was finally a little fire in the outside hitters. Final score 25-23.

Second set went off with the strongest serving RIG B has seen all season. The team got out to a big lead with two quick serve aces from outside attacker Ida Viking and two blocks from middle blocker Ida Johansson. An attack point from Veddige did not stop RIG from going on a 7 point run. Ida Johansson made an even bigger impact with 4 serve aces. A service error put the run to a hault, however an attack point from outside hitter Wilma Calmfors put them right back on track for another 6 point run. Once RIG was up with a heavy lead, there seemed to be a change of momentum and Veddige began to catch up. Luckily RIG snapped out of it and finished the game, 25-17.

Set three saw again some tough serving from RIG. With the outside hitters reving up aggression at the pins, Veddige was having a difficult time. After two serve aces from Fanny Skogsfors and two attack points from Ida Viking, RIG went into a dip and Veddige rallied off 9 straight points. Towards the end, fortunately the point runs were in RIG's favor. Final score 25-19. 

The final set saw some big point runs in the beginning by RIG. Even with Veddige's jump at a 0-3 lead with a block and two serve aces, RIG was able to recover quickly. With consistent receive and defense from libero Filippa Brink, it was easier for setter Nathalie Arvidsson to run the front row. Towards the end of the set, the points were tight, however, three missed serves from Veddige gave RIG the upper hand. With a final kill from middle blocker Klara Juneholm, the match was RIGs! Final score 25-21.

RIG B will be at Frejahallen Saturday 23rd of March for our last Division 1 match of the season. Please come and support us against Falköpings own local club at 14.00. Heja RIG B! 

Top scorers: 

Ida Viking: 13p (match MVP) 

Lisa Pettersson: 13p

Ida Johansson: 11p 

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