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DB-KFUM Jönköping

Simple 3-0 win to put us in a tie with Värnamo for second place!

Today's match against KFUM Jönköpig was unexpected. On paper Jönköping looked strong and even during the warm ups, it felt like it would be a tough match. However, once the match was underway, it was clear RIG B was not going to let anyone take away their chances of 3 points. 

The sets went quickly and with out much tension from Jönköping. They gave up many mistakes, which helped RIG some. That being said, RIG B's serving was on fire today, with speed and precision being the biggest take away. Outside hitters Ulrika Blomgren, Ida Larsson, Maja Stenman and Ida Viking made it difficult for Jönköping's defense as well. Year one libero Nora Lundmark should initiative on court, putting up high sets from the back court and playing aggressive defense. 

This match was good to encourage RIG to dare a bit more in certain situations and to really focus on their side. The team worked on their responsibility in the defense and being decisive in skills like receive. 

Tomorrow RIG B is back to play against Kronan, tune in to the live stream on allebergsgymnasiet.se ÅG tv to see what happens. Heja RIG! 

Top Scorers: 

Ulrika Blomgren: 15p (12 attack, 3 serve ace) 

Maja Stenman: 13p (9 attack, 3 serve ace, 1 block) 

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