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DB: A good way to start Sportlov

Having a match before a week long break is never easy on the mind. With a tired team, RIG B's last match against Eneryda was just what they needed to get the break off to a good start.

With the mind on the week off ahead, RIG B was up for a challenging night against Eneryda. Even though the opponent is at the bottom of the leader board, they were able to shake RIG B in the second set for some excitement and a wake up call. 

The first set went as expected. Ida Larsson rallied off 4 aces in a row before Eneryda was able to gain 1 point. This match, RIG B's coach Whitney Turner decided against a libero for lack of players due to sicknesses, which in the end worked out very nicely. Especially for RIG player Catarina Cooper (match MVP) who played well as a spiker. With little back and forth and one long rally, the set was over quickly. In matches like these, it is important to not lose focus or energy. Getting the job done can prove to be much harder if a team lets their gaurd down too easily. Final score, 25-8. 

The second set was almost the exact opposite of the first. Eneryda rallied off 3 points before RIG B could attain one. The amount of own errors was the real killer for RIG. Many attack, serve and defense errors engulfed them. It is safe to say, RIG B would like to leave the set behind for good. Eneryda topped RIG in the end with consistent attack from their top spiker #10 and tougher serving. RIG made a come back, however, they were unable to clench the win. Final Score 24-26.

The third set was much more like what the team is capable of and a lot like the first set. Energy spiked and so did the serving once again. The spikers began to attack more effectively and the setters began to involve the middles. Eneryda could not make a dent in the teams progress and so ended the set 25-11.

The last and final set began with a bit of a tug of war for points. After a brief time out from RIG, it was made clear the urgency and energy needed to be picked up by the team. This set was all about RIG, how they wanted to play and how they wanted to finish the match. With a bang or to sort of, roll into the final points safely. RIG player Catarina Cooper never let her energy drop and went for it in attack and defence. Middle attackers Klara Juneholm and Sandra Abrahamsson kept Eneryda on their toes in attack, taking as many chances as they could to swing. With Ida Larsson beginning big blocks against Eneryda's attackers, RIG wanted this win. Final score and match went to RIG B with 25-18. 

The win keeps RIG B in third place and one step closer to the second place spot. With 6 matches left to go, it is important the team keep their eye on the prize and continue to push themselves forward to the end of the season and to the top of the leader board. 

Now is the time for Sportlov, a nice break for all RIG players and an opportunity to come back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the season. Nu kör vi! 

Top point scorers: 

Ida Larsson: 23p (10 aces!!)

Catarina Cooper: 10 

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