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DB-Falköping Derby

A 5 set derby match between the locals and the out of towners. RIG B prevailed, however, the match was filled with exciting action.

Last saturdays match against Falköping VK gave RIG B a bit of a run for their earned 2 points. 

The first set showed spirit and strong attack from Falköpings outside hitter #2. This caught RIG B a little off guard and may have made them play timid, making for a tough start. With RIG's inconsistency, they were unable to get a lead. The set ended in a point for point battle for the game. Final score, 29-31.

The beginning of the second set began better, but still, kills from #2 and the middles on occasion where keeping us at bay. RIG was finally able to gain a lead at 20 and took the rest of the set with a dip in serve for Falköping to gain a few more points. Final score, 25-23.

Third set RIG saw a high in own errors, especially in serve, which brought spirits down. Falköping turned up the heat in recieve and was able to get to an attack much more often. With these errors and a rise in energy from Falköping, RIG B fell with a final score of 19-25.

The fourth set was the exact opposite. RIG B saw a rise in attack and blocking. Their serve placement was better and were able to find the weak receive area quickly. RIG B also saw a rise in quick reactions in defense. The momentum from RIG B was on the rise and showed no signs of stopping, final score 25-14.

The fifth and final set seemed to be decided from the beginning. Falköping started to let defenses and receives they had been taking before, go. Still they continued fighting as did RIG B. With errors low and attack working well, RIG coasted in to the winners spot with a final score of 15-11. 

Some players showed strength and responsibility this match. Of those was setter and captain Catarina Cooper, who usually plays libero. She ran the attackers well and made good choices, fooling the block more than once. Maja Stenman, Ida Larsson and Wilma Calmfors all recorded double digit kills. Middle blocker Fanny Skogsfors was the best middle from the match with a kill score of 9 and a block score of 5. 

This being the last match of 2018, all of us here at RIG wish you God Jul och Gott Nytt År! Now is the time to spend with family and friends. Take care and see you next year! 

Top point scorers: 

Wilma Calmfors: 20p

Fanny Skogsfors: 15p

Maja Stenman: 14p

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