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DA- Rough first set leads to 3 points anyway!

Three returning recently graduated RIG players from LVC came back to their old gym to seek a win in tonights match. Unfortunately for them RIG was just too strong!

Tonight we saw libero Karin Waser and outside hitters Karin Eldh and Matilda Fransson, come back to their old stomping grounds for a chance to get some digs in on the current A team. LVC was a team with strong outside attackers and good serve receive. For RIG, they have always been strong in serve, so this match was going to be a test for them to find a weak spot in LVC's receive. 

Set 1 was a bad start for RIG with many errors in attack (5), serve (4) and receive (3). With LVC making heavy points on the outside, it was difficult to gain a lead. RIG played timid and at times nervous to make mistakes, which ironically made them make mistakes. At the end of the set it seemed RIG just wanted it to be over and to move on. Final score 9-25.

Set 2 was much better, as RIG made half as many own errors. The set continued more even and with zero errors in serve receive, RIG's setter Tyra Areskoug was able to find the hot hitters quickly. With Maya Tabron entering the game and her strong attack, she was able to make quick points by using the seams and attacking fast. With 18 own points made as a team, the set was RIGs and ended 25-22.

Set 3, the road towards victory continued. Hanna Hellvig and Maya Tabron continued their hot streaks, with the highest percentage in attack during the set at 60 and 67 percent respectively. RIG was able to issolate LVC's outside hitters by putting more pressure on the serve to certain players. Since receive for LVC was down, RIG was able to focus on blocking the outsides and taking care of the corner attempts with stuff off the block and tips. Subduing their top players, RIG was able to capture this set with 25-17.

Set 4 was ours from the beginning after Isabelle Reffel rattled off 5 points in a row before LVC called a time out. RIG made fast work to find a weak player in receive and stuck with her through set 4. With a comfortable lead it was easy to see RIG was not going to allow LVC to gain any momentum. With some substitutions of key players and LVC now only having one attacker making points, set 4 and the match was RIG's! End score was 25-12.

Overall, once RIG shook off the nerves and anxiety of the first set, they never let the fighting spirit fade. With the outsides giving a great performance and the receive picking up in the second set, this match was a really fun win. 

We return next sunday against Lindesberg in Odenhallen, come out and support us! 

Top Scorers:

Maya Tabron 21p

Hanna Hellvig 18p

Match MVP: Maya Tabron

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