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DA-Lund: Another 3 points to add to the winning streak.

With some trouble from sickness and injury, RIG A got to work on Elitseries team Lund quick and kept a steady game.

RIG A vs. Lund was a steady and mostly calm match. The first and third sets were under RIG's control in serving and attack. The second set saw more unforced errors on RIG's side and better serve receive from Lund. 

With only 8 Elite players ready to play this weekend due to a double header for the C team up north and the B team playin in Jönköping almost at the same time, plus sickness and injury, RIG Elite was holding its breath in hopes there were going to be no injuries. Luckily, there was only a small scare in the beginning of set 1 which turned out to be just fine and the player was back in the game under the second set. From the beginning RIG took advantage of the serve and put pressure on the front row outside attacker. With strong serve receive of RIG's own and good placement in attack, RIG was able to walk away from the set 25-19.

Set two was a bit more of a battle for RIG. Lund started to receive better and put pressure in the serve. RIG began to make own errors to make the game a lot closer points wise. With a time out in the end, RIG was able to bounce back after being down two points for the win 26-24.

Set three mirrored set one more closely. RIG's errors went down and they were able to put pressure on the serve towards another one of Lunds players, which worked well. The set and match ended with 25-16.

RIG players who stood out today were setter Tyra Areskoug and outside attacker Isabelle Reffel. Tyra gave a good performance with variation and selection in her sets. She was able to get her attackers with a split or no block at all more than once during the match. Isabelle was solid in receive which helped greatly in attack. She was also efficient in attack, with variation and a whip of an arm, she was able to put the ball away from the front and back court. 

RIG is looking forward to the double weekend coming up with matches against GP bound GVK and Linköping. Come out and support us for this exciting weekend! 

Heja RIG! 

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