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Good win for the parents weekend!

We came back to the court after the weekend off, where the players took a rest and recharged batteries with friends and family.

In this game we faced Solna, ranked 5th in the league.

The girls of RIG started the game very focused and sharp in transition (block and back court defense) and with aggressive servings that make hard to the locals to play their game along the first set, they won it by 25-16.

At the beginning of the second set, doubtful and awkward passing put some trouble on the setter to build plays. The local team had to work hard and made a comeback at the end to take the second set by just three points, 25-23.

But the problems on the passing, were far from gone, come to a loss on a the third set where the Solna girls showed their best attack and conquered it by 21-25.

Eventually, in the fourth set, RIG solved those issues and their setter could move the ball easily. In addition, they improved the serve to a point that the visitors could not get their first attacking options.

This way, RIG's C team managed the rhythm till the end where Solna tried to get close in the scoring but was late and the game ended in a 3-1 sets victory to RIG C. 

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