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DB: Tre poäng på bortresa

Tjejerna på B laget har igen, tog tre poäng. De spelade mot Ljungby i Sunnerbohallen i Ljungby. Det var en hela lag vinst för DB.

The match was up and down occasionally, however, the teams energy was always boosted and they were able to pick themselves back up after a short low. There were improvements noted through out the team and a seat at the top of the ladder for the time being is an extra added bonus. 

Set one was a back and forth pull for points. Ljungby played high sets to the outsides and fast A's to the middles. RIG B took a little bit of time getting their feet under them, however, when it clicked in receive, the attack was unstoppable. The block was a little bit here and there at times so the defense had difficulty reading situations. Even with these small issues, RIG was able to pull off a stable win with 25-17.

Set two was a little more unstable in the block and sometimes in attack. RIG was down in the beginning due to own errors and miscomunication or non at all. Once it was clear what needed to be done to be rid of those errors, their game started to pick up again. RIG began to talk more clearly which made it easier for the others to fall into place with their own objectives. RIG quickly gained and over took Ljungby with serve pressure and some quick attacks from the middles, Klara Juneholm and Ida Johansson, ending the set with 25-19.

Set three saw much better blocking, better movement and clear decisions in the back court by libero Nora Lundmark, plus the setting from Tyra Areskoug kept the hitters in attackable situations. Wilma Calmfors was another attacker who showed what it was to be a player to keep an eye on in attack. Recording 10 total points in two sets, she was a player Ljungby continued to struggle with containing. The final point of the match was one RIG needed which was a huge block by Ida Larsson. This was big, since RIG had struggled a bit through out the match in closing the block. This ended the match with 25-11.

Overall it was a true team effort today, some clear improvements for some and confidence boosts for others. A solid three point win for the B team! 

Ljungby gave out MVP awards at the end of the match which was awarded to Tyra Areskoug. Well deserved after the performance she gave here in Ljungby.

RIG B is back again the 27th to take on Eneryda at home. Come help us keep the number 1 spot in the ladder!  

Top point scorers: 

Wilma Calmfors 10p

Klara Juneholm 7p


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