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DC-Karlstad VK

Second to last match and one to remember. Final scores: (20-25, 25-20, 25-13, 25-16)

This match was unique in that RIG C only consisted of 7 players. This weekend was Kval for many of the C team players, so we had to manage with fewer. Unfortunately 3 of the players chosen for the team were unable to play due to injury and sickness. Luckily Lisa Pettersson (who played in the B match directly after) was available to take the position of Libero.

The first set was grim. Spirits were low and focus was elsewhere. Easy balls were hitting the floor, own mistakes were taking a toll at bad times and own responsibility was at a low. Possibly the pressure was on to perform since there was no one else to take their place. Whatever the reason, the girls started to come around towards the end of the first set. After the last of two time outs were taken, they began to start taking own responsibility and playing with confidence and smarts.

The next three sets were stable and ours. The pressure in the serve went up and helped us a lot. The focus in having consistent serve receive was at a high for the match. We began to attack smart instead of trying to hurry up and make points. They stepped up their game, took responsibility of their own jobs and took back the match. They found what worked and kept taking advantage of KVK’s weaknesses. The C team showed a lot of heart this match, it was a proud moment to see them rise above unique odds and win!  

The whole team contributed to the match today so they all deserve to be recognized. Ida Viking, had no fear going up against their biggest blocker. Lina Nilsson, went after it in her serve and produced consistency in the attack line as setter. Lisa Pettersson showed how she can adapt and change her approach to receive and defense as libero. Ida Larsson was a force on the outside, going with aggression and smarts. Josefin Hult Belfrage picked up a lot in the back court on defense and went for it in attack. Alicia Jobe was quick on the net and fast to attack, gaining points in crucial moments. Klara Juneholm dared with the cigma and put pressure in her serve.

One more match to go to end the season (and hopefully stay in 5th place!) for the C team against Uppsala. We are ready!


Top point scorers:

Ida Larsson: 22p

Josefin Hult Belfrage: 13p

Alicia Jobe: 12p

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