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DB: clear win against Lund

Occasionally, good teams can falter after long trips, RIG B rose above with a good warm up and explosive inspike. Lund VK B-RIG B 0-3 (12-25, 11-25, 21-25)

The long travel time down to Lund was followed by a long wait until the match warm up. This type of waiting can make a team slow to get started. This was not the case for RIG B. From the first Point, they  put the pressure in serve and took Control in attack. Lund VK B had a lot of trouble in receive and was not able to get to many attacks. RIG B Went on a few serving streaks and was able to gain big leads in both the 1st and 2nd sets. 

RIG B arrived with 8 players and was lucky to have a lot of range in player positions. We rotated around the middles and outside hitters every set. Ewelina Grandberg especially excelled in the middle with strong, fast attacks and big blocks. Recording 6 kills and 3 blocks. One of our outside attackers, Betty Ohlin, made a killing in the front row and at the service line with 10 kills, 1 block and 5 serve aces. 

The 3rd set was our most challenging set of the match. We relaxed just a bit thinking it was going to be an easy win. Lund VK B upped their level in receive and began to start challenging us in attack, which rattled us a bit. Our serve was not as strong and we waited for them to make mistakes and when it didn't happen, were taken by surprise a little. Luckily, we picked up our level towards the end and shut them out with 3-0. 

Top Scorers: 

Betty Ohlin-16p

Ewelina Grandberg-9p

Matilda Fransson-9p

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