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DC: Tough match against IKSU

Top of the ladder team IKSU, made it tough for RIG C to take the lead during the match. Scores: 19-25, 20-25, 21-25

Saturday's match for the Girls came at the end of a big day for all teams involved on both the Girls and boys side. It's Parents weekend!

RIG C faced off against top team IKSU. One of the players for the C team, was Ewelina Grandberg, whose home club is IKSU. With her Dad as coach and her oldest sister as an important player for the team as well. We knew the competition was going to be tough.

The first set started with many own errors and not enough going down in attack. We tried to gain some ground at the service line, however IKSU was extremely consistent in their recieve, never dropping more than two receives in a row. This made it difficult for us to keep them off the net. Our block tended to not be as closed at we wanted, affecting our defense. 

The second set was met with the same similar consistency from IKSU and a struggle to gain ground. Towards the middle of the set, Merta Sjögren began to make great digs in the back court, feeding the team with some momentum and energy which pushed us forward. Unfortunately this momentum came late in the set and IKSU's outside hitter's kept making progress.

The third and final set, probably saw the most promise for a win. Our service line picked up the pressure which became obvious when Ewelina Grandberg aced her sister, which hadn't been achieved all match. It was IKSU's defense and our inconsistent block defense which led them to a win. RIG C would have had to have played their best game in order to win.

-There is a need for more focus in block training. Our middles to be a bit faster getting to the outside and our outsides to be aware of the attackers line of approach in order to line up the block more affectively. Something to work on this upcoming week! - Coach Whitney

Mentionable players: Ewelina Grandberg put a lot of power into the match in attack. Tyra Areskoug made good choices as setter. Ulrika Blomgren made an impact coming in off the sidelines and taking responsibility from the beginning.

RIG C plays again Sunday against the second Place team in the ladder, Rissen. We hope for a better outcome today!

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