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DA: Visible development

Also if by sets the games seemed to be very clear, set two and three have been close to the Sunday opponent Hylte/Halmstad!

RIG Dam A – Hylte/Halmstad 0-3 (16-25, 20-25, 22-25)

Unsureness and nervousness have been symptomatic in the first set for our Dam A team playing in Hylte/Halmstad last Sunday. Although it was the set we made fewest mistakes we could not find into our game and had to give the set away with 16-25.

Already at the end of the first set you could feel that the team got more confident. This confidence they took into set two and three, what made the game now a lot more equal than before. Especially until the final phase of each set we played well and concentrated. Finally it is also the missing experience to solve important situation during the last points what not allowes us to win some more sets.

If we just can continue our self-confident game until the end and still do a little less mistakes, we are able to play very equal matches against the other teams in the Elitserien. It is obvious that the girls are developing in the right way!

Poäng RIG:

Agnes Elm: 13
Linda Andersson
Cornelia Rosenqvist: 5
Sofia Stiernström: 3
Karin Eldh: 1
Wilma Andersson: 1
Sandra Abrahamsson: 1
Kajsa Österman
Hanna Hellvig: 12
Nora Andersson

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo, Victor Alexandersson

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