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DA: Gislaved för starka

RIG A and Gislaveds volley were meeting for the 4th and final time in the series. Unfortunately, 4th time’s not a charm.

RIG vs Gislaved 0-3 (17-25, 13-25, 25-27)

The start of the first set was slightly unexpected, down by three points in two minutes achieved by miss passing and own errors. I thought to take a time out but gave them time to figure things out, adjust and move themselves up in points, which they thankfully did. It doesn’t always happen that way but I am thankful when it does. They were able to match Gislaved in points for a while but then again, our block had difficulty to adjust on hitters like Alexandra Vajdova and Malina Fransson.

The second set wasn’t much better. With the majority of substitutions made in this set, it lifted and faultered on many seperate occasions. The difference in energy on court and own errors yet again led to the finality of the set. However, we saw zero missed serves which is always a plus.

The final set had high energy through out and was very close. There were many spectacular attacks, blocks and digs. Our receive through out the match was fairly even however our execution in attack was part of the downfall. The set also had 5 missed serves.

Notable players were Cornelia Rosenqvist who attacked 4 for 4 and had 2 blocks and received player of the match. Hanna Hellvig made the most points with 12.

Vilma Andersson (Setter): 4p
Agnes Elm (Oppo/OH): 7p
Hanna Hellvig (OH): 12p
Nora Andersson (OH): 5p
Cornelia Rosenqvist (MB): 6p
Linda Andersson (MB): 5p
Karin Eldh (OH)
Kajsa Österman (Setter)
Sandra Abrahamsson (MB)
Sofia Stiernström (Oppo)
Karin Waser (Libero)
Catarina Cooper (Libero)

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