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HB: Unnecessary loss

RIG Herr B team had a superior and confident start into the game against Bromma after Sportlovet. But a sudden unsureness and certain amount of mistakes ended with an unnecessary loss.

Bromma-RIG 3-2 (13-25, 15-25, 25-22, 25-20, 15-11)

Amazing how the boys of RIG´s Herr B team played the first two sets of the Saturday game in Bromma. Full of confidence and with less own mistakes it seemed to be a sure and clear 3-0 win for us. Effective, focused and relaxed they presented themselfes on the court after Sportlovet.

Suddenly in set 3 we started to get a little unfocused. We still played a good set, but Bromma now saw a chance to win a set. So it was a hard and equal fight between both teams. 4 own mistakes in a row at the end of the set ended with a result of 22-25 against us.

A clear loss of set 4 (20-25) was the result of getting more and more unfocused. Unnecessary mistakes and unsureness came along with us during the whole set. Now it was time to find back into our game. We still could win the match!

And so we started more focused into the last set. We fought hard and played equal until 10. After that again we did too many mistakes and so Bromma took their chance to finish the game with 15-11.

Summing up it is a pity that we were not able to reward us for the good start and the high quality we delivered during the first 2 sets! The disappointment after the game was big – which is a positive sign. We wanted to win that game!


Theo Biström
Gustav Wessberg
Samuel Alvinge
Andreas Härneman
Hannes Olofsson
Leon Vincent
Alfred Brink
Algot Danielsson

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo

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