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DA: Förlust mot bollsäkra Sollentuna

Redemption for RIG A versus Sollentuna VK ended in a great 3rd set but unfortunate match loss. Sollentuna out received RIG A for the win.

Final Scores 25-18, 25-14, 25-20

The beginning of the match started slow and was hard to gain any momentum with our serve recieve so uneven. Our defense and block defense was also a bit lacking in aggressivity. The second set saw a bit more with pressure in our serve, however, our serve recieve was what got us in the end.

The third set was by far our best attempt at a win. Kajsa Österman started to receive and play much better defense, while Nora Andersson stayed consistent in the back court. Through out the match, Hanna Hellvig was a top attacker, with an outstanding hitting percentage of 57%. To add, Agnes Elm had one of her highest percentages in attack at 48%. To me, this is where I see our outside hitters in percentage and I hope they will aim for this through the rest of the season. Vilma Andersson took home player of the match, which was well earned.

Until next time, back to work and preparing for match on Thursday mot Gislaved! Nu kör vi RIG!

Vilma Andersson (Setter): 1p
Agnes Elm (Oppo/OH): 10p
Linda Andersson (MB): 3p
Hanna Hellvig (OH): 14p
Sofia Stiernström (Oppo/OH): 2p
Cornelia Rosenqvist (MB): 3p
Nora Andersson (OH): 3p
Kajsa Österman (Libero)
Catarina Cooper (Libero)

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