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DC: Stabil seger mot Göteborg

With only 8 players, it was up to each individual player to take control and win this match Saturday night in Frejahallen.

RIG vs Göteborg 3-0 (25-17, 25-15, 25-15)

The scene was set for another RIG C, division 2 match up against Göteborg. Since there were only 8 players, it was important everyone played on top. This was true for the majority of the match.

Set one was slow and it took a little while for the girls to warm up. The energy level was low and the aggressiveness that was normally seen was at a low. With some encouragement from the bench and pushing from the opponents, things picked up.

Julia Svensson, back from a shoulder injury that took her out of matches since before christmas break, showed she was not ready to throw in the towel. With some strong attacks, one nearly knocking a player of the opposing team to the ground, she was back on the rise again. The teams serve receive was consistent with few dips through out the match. The serve misses were too many for my liking but overall the match went well.


Wilma Calmfors (OH): 12p
Ella Sandberg (Setter): 1p
Josefine Hult Belfrage (OH): 8p
Evelin Malmbom (OH): 4p
Julia Svensson (MB): 7p
Ida Viking (Oppo): 10p
Ida Johansson (MB): 8p
Linnea Bengtsson (Libero) 

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