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DB: Taking care of business

Up against a team they went to 5 sets with the last time they met, there was thought of a tough fight. However, RIG B proved, this time they could claim a 3-0 win with a small scare in the 3rd set.

RIG vs Veddige 3-0 (25-14, 25-16, 25-23)

There was plenty of balance through out the match on RIG B’s side. Veddige had a lot of fighting spirit and a few tricks up their sleeves, but the B team was ready to make adjustments. Just as the RIG C team had few players, the same was true for the B team. All 8 players needed to be focused and sharp through out.

The teams serve pressure helped the win the most. With 10 serve aces total, it was obvious we were stepping on the gas in serve. We saw many blocks from Sandra Abrahamsson and Fanny Skogsfors, while Karin Waser was smart and a force in the back court. Nike Fjätström had a lightning fast arm in attack as well.

Trouble showed up in the 3rd set when our serve receive started to fail. Veddige, turned up the volume a bit in serve which was the reason for the low in our serve recieve. They were able to punch out about 5 serves in a row. Luckliy we had been leading for the majority of the match, so this didn’t affect the points much but mostly our egos. A time out was called and they again were able to refocus to win the tight set with 25-23.

Overall the match went well besides the dip at the end of the 3rd set. However, it wasn’t a feeling of relief when we won but a feeling that we had taken care of business when times got tough. We dug ourselves out of the hole we had put ourselves in for the win. You could say the mindset of the team was improving.


Karin Eldh (OH): 13p
Wilma Calmfors (OH): 6p
Nike Fjätström (Oppo): 7p
Sandra Abrahamsson (MB): 11p
Fanny Skogsfors (MB): 7p
Ida Tholen (MB): 3p
Lina Nilsson (Setter)
Karin Waser (Libero): 1p  

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