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DA: Nära H/H i ett par set

Top team Hylte/Halmstad battled in second and third set with RIG A to keep their 3-0 winning streak after GP alive.

Hylte/Halmstad-RIG A 3-0 (25-15, 25-22, 26-24)

For RIG A, it is always tough meeting a top team like Hylte/Halmstad. They are loaded with top players from abroad and Sweden. The first set was what was to be expected, the starting six were on the court. Not many rallies were made and it seemed we got a lot of our points from mistakes made by H/H. The challenge for the team this time was getting over that first hurdle of anxiety or nerves to be ablel to play full. 

The second set was a bit more our speed when the H/H coach decided to let a few bench players (also good players) play. RIG A relaxed more and were able to play with power and excitement. There were more rallies and opportunities for the girls to showcase what improvements have been made to their game. This set saw a break through from Catarina Cooper in receive. Hanna Hellvig also had an exceptional match in digs, serve receive and attacks. Since there were a lot of missed serves in the first set, it was important to make less of those types of errors this time. You can imagine the feeling of accomplishment when we only had one missed serve during the set.

The third was a lot closer in points, both teams working point for point. As we kept the pressure in our serve, it was a lot easier to know where the set was going. It seemed that H/H was working with giving the serve receives to the setter at a faster pace so anytime we could get them to pass higher and off the net was good for us. There were a couple big blocks from Vilma Andersson and we also saw her setting level grow this match. Unfortunately the third set ended with 3 missed serve receives and a blocked attack. I believe if we had kept the serve receives in the court and settable, there would have been a fourth set. Its possible the nerves of a tight set got the best of us this time.

Back to the grind before the long break. Nu kör vi!

Point Scorers:

Hanna Hellvig: 9p
Nora Andersson: 8p
Vilma Andersson: 5p
Sofia Stiernström: 4p
Karin Eldh: 3p
Cornelia Rosenqvist: 3p

Team: Vilma Andersson, Sandra Abrahamsson, Linda Andersson, Erika Lindqvist, Hanna Hellvig, Kajsa Österman, Catarina Cooper, Karin Eldh, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Nora Andersson, Sofia Stiernström

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