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DC: Spännande mot Tuve

The first time these two teams met, it was a 5 set match ending in a RIG C win. It was time for a repeat.

Tuve vs RIG 1-3 (19-25, 27-29, 29-27, 16-25)

The first set, RIG kept a comfortable lead with a lot of good receives and attacks. The second set was a lot tighter in points and a bit more even. RIG gave up points in serve miss and own mistakes. Tuve also was a lot better in attack this set. However, RIG still prevailed with a win.

The third set was mostly the same as the second set proving to be a little more difficult for us to end the match. There were too many missed serves and opportunities in the end of the set which ultimately led to the loss of a the 3rd set.

The 4th was well controlled and well balanced for RIG. It seemed Tuve gave up a little once we were on a run at the service line. The last point was a missed serve from Tuve to end the match with a win for us!

Ultimately, I believe what really gave us good opportunities through out the match was Linnea Bengtsson’s serve receive and defense. In fact the whole team had very good serve receive. With few errors in attack and the master of block out, Josefine Hult Belfrae was one of the main attackers this match. She was probably hitting at almost 100% in the first set.

Team: Evelin Malmbom, Linnea Bengtsson, Ida Johansson, Ida Viking, Ella Sandberg, Lisa Pettersson, Josefine Hult Belfrage, Malin Larsson

Coach: Whitney Turner  

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