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HA: Close to the opponent

08 MAR 2017 07:30
Last Sunday the RIG Herr A team played a good match against Hylte/Halmstad. A less amount of mistakes could still made the game closer.
  • Skapad: 08 MAR 2017 07:30

RIG Herr A – Hylte/Halmstad 1-3 (22-25, 25-19, 23-25, 18-25)

At the beginning of the first set we had some problems to find into our game. Also a huge amount of own misstakes (13 total) made it hard to find our rhythm. But finally we got more focused and finished the set with 22-25.

Set two we were present from the first moment. This set has also been the one we made only six own errors, what also was the key for the 25-19 win. Unfortunately we lost set three 25-23 very close.

Until set four we played well, focused and selfconfident. Then suddenly we started to make big unforced errors which took away the chance to have another even set against Hylte/Halmstad.

In general we had a good serve and our side-out was very constant this day. You could see that the players really wanted to win every ball. It was nice to see them act and play like that!

Best scorers that day have been Hugo Berglund (14p.), Fredrik Ljung (13p.) and Viktor Gustafsson (12p.).

Poäng RIG:

Hugo Berglund: 14
Theo Biström
Markus Torstensson: 4
Joel Andersson
Alfred Valtersson
Alfred Brink
Oskar von Sydow: 1
Fredrik Ljung: 13
Viktor Gustafsson: 12
Joar Millberg: 4

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo, Victor Alexandersson

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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