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DC: Olycklig start men seger!

12 DEC 2016 21:18
The home team RIG C had quite a crowd during their match Saturday afternoon which included students and parents ready for a show. Their opponentwas more competitive this time and RIG C was looking to defend their home gym.
  • Skapad: 12 DEC 2016 21:18

RIG vs Kungälv 3-1 (18-25, 25-22, 25-18, 25-15)

RIG C consisted of a spirited group of year 1s and a few year 2s during this early afternoon match. They had a good warm up and were being cheered on by fellow student athletes and parents. Unfortunately, the match got off to an unusual beginning. There was an accidental switch up in the line up. What happened was, a setter was next to a middle (they are usually next to an outside hitter!) This ultimately confused the team a little, which took focus away from the game. Eventhough there were some great plays and they seemed to have the rotations under control, RIG C was unable to shake the uncomfortable feeling on court and lost the first set with 18-25.

This time, Coach Whitney checked and re checked to make sure the line up was correct. These kinds of mistakes happen at any level, but it wasn’t going to happen again! With the correct line up in and a player change, RIG C was ready to take back the match.

From that point, the team seemed slow on regaining their focus and energy, but once the team was on a roll, there was little room for Kungälv to chip points away. The end of the second was a lot more RIG’s speed and style. With the line up strong and momentum back on RIG’s side, Kungälv struggle to stay afloat. Even with their strong middle attack, RIG C’s pressure in the serve ultimately kept their opponent off the net and unable to set anyone they wanted. There were some changes made in player every so often, giving RIG C a chance to have more options in attack. Their focus, energy and regained confidence ultimately won them the match.

We saw strong attacks from Lisa Petterson, Ida Viking and Fanny Skogsfors. There was some incredible effort and ups in defense from Nina Cooper and consistent recieve from all players. Ella Sandberg did a good job creating hitable situations for all attakcers and even had a few points of her own. One more weekend for the C team to stay at the top of the ladder, back to it this week!

Team: Evelin Malmbom, Linnea Bengtsson, Lisa Petterson, Ella Sandberg, Catarina Cooper, Ida Viking, Ida Johansson, Fanny Skogsfors, Josefine Hult Belfrage

Coach: Whitney Turner

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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