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DC: Enkel bortaseger

05 DEC 2016 16:24
After a train, a bus and a short walk to the KFUM Jönköping gym, RIG C was ready to play.
  • Skapad: 05 DEC 2016 16:24

KFUM Jönköping vs RIG 0-3 (8-25, 17-25 11-25)

Each set began fairly even. Both teams were taking point for point equally. However, RIG C would start running away with the sets early on, proving hard to stop.

The second set looked slightly more competitive from Jönköpings side, but RIG C was able to keep a comfortable lead through out the match. The girls put a lot of pressure on their serve, which seemed to be difficult for Jönköping in receive, affecting their inability to get to an affective attack. 

The RIG C team never let KFUM in, to gain any momentum as there was no way of knowing what they might do differently to try and win. The RIG girls kept on their toes and were constantly on watch for tips and roll shots.

What really helped RIG win this match, their consistency in receive. Evelin Malmbom and Linnea Bengtsson lead the team in serve receive with nearly no mistakes. We saw some great defense from all players, really running down the ball and reading each situation almost to perfection as well. RIG C’s level rarely dipped, which can be difficult to sustain in certain matches. 

There is plenty of room to grow for these girls, so its back to the grind this week with more matches coming up at the weekend. Heja RIG!

Coach: Whitney Turner

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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