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DC: 5-setseger mot Alingsås

16 NOV 2016 13:49
RIG C was set to play Alingsås in front of their parents and sibilings Saturday night in Freja B. Everyone was excited to show off what they have accomplished and improved upon so far.
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RIG vs Alingsås 3-2 (25-16, 18-25, 26-24, 16-25, 15-13) 

The first set started off in a consistent incline towards a win. The team played together and took opportunities with free balls, using the middles and gain momentum. The serve pressure from Ida Johansson was on fire and there were no signs of stopping the team from making it a fast and clean win. Final score, 25-16.

It seemed like this would be a quick 3-0 win, however, this was not the case. Alingsås faught back with a vengeance and was ready to even the score. Too many own errors and a relaxed behavior on court led RIG C to the second set loss, score 18-25.

Coach Whitney Turner reminded the team they needed to earn the win, Alingsås was not going to give up easy. Winning is tough, lossing is easy, so RIG C needed to start fighting for it and continue the fight until the very last point of the match was played.

RIG C carried the thoughts of fighting for every ball and point into set 3, tearing through the match with smart attacks and serve pressure. Evelin Malmbom was not going to let this set slip away, which she clearly showed with a crucial block out point in attack to make the score even in the final last points of the set. It was a battle but RIG came out on top finishing the set 26-24.

With tensions running high for both teams, set 4 was a surprise loss for RIG C. A slow beginning and late momentum put RIG in a tough spot and they struggled through out the set. Alingsås saw their opening and they took it. Final score 16-25.

The 5th set was a set in which it was either teams game to win. You could feel the nerves of RIG C and Alingsås. Both teams wanted to prove they were the best and win. The score went back and forth, however, with RIG staying one point ahead for most of the set. Once RIG got point 8 for the side change, you could see Alingsås chances starting to dwindle. A few more tense rallies to bring RIG C to game point. Ida Johansson went back to serve and finished the match with an ACE! Game, set, match, over!

Five sets of ups and downs. Luckily, RIG C found their balance in the 5th and was able to keep the focus for the win! A very valiant effort from Alingsås, what a match for the parents to watch!

Now that the high of the win has calmed, it is back to the grind for these girls and on to preparation and focus for the next match. Heja RIG!

Team: Ida Johansson, Fanny Skogsfors, Lisa Petterson, Ida Viking, Ella Sandberg, Josefine Hult Belfrage, Linnea Bengtsson, Lina Nilsson, Evelin Malmbom

Coach: Whitney Turner
Assistant Coach: Betty Ohlin  

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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