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DB mot KFUM Göteborg

13 MAR 2018 13:29
A tough start to a 0-3 loss, however, RIG B showed strength in the third set.

Final Scores: (25-15, 25-15, 26-24)
  • Uppdaterad: 13 MAR 2018 13:30

The match against KFUM Göteborg was not a good one for RIG B. We started out slow and with spotty receive. KFUM Göteborg was a well, rounded team with two tall foreign players in the middle and outside, a decent setter from Norway and the Swedish players were pretty good as well.  In the first two sets, we were not quick to getting into the game. The sense of urgency was missing. Like I have previously said, our receive was up and down. When it was good, we had some trouble puting the ball away. We did well with giving the ball to the middles but had trouble making points from the back row attack in position 6. Our blocking got better towards the middle and end but still needs work. Ultimately we suffered too many own mistakes in the first set (10) and had trouble setting up good enough block defense.

The last set was the most exciting and developmental of the 3 sets. We picked up the energy and pace from the start and ran with it. We had the lead throughout most of the set. KFUM had put in their second setter, which gave us the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Once the first setter came back in and they switched to a 6-2 system, the pressure returned. I honestly thought we were going to take the match to a 4th and possibly 5th set, however, they had a good front line and ended with a big swing from their taller outside attacker, which ended the match. One more match for the B team to end the series! Kör vi en gång till!

Best point scorers:

Betty Ohlin- 9p
Lisa Pettersson- 4p

Skribent: Whitney Turner
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