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DA:V10 Matches v’s Sollentuna and Lindesberg

09 MAR 2015 14:02
A busy week with two matches played. First Sollentuna, then follwed by Lindesberg.
  • Uppdaterad: 09 MAR 2015 14:14

Sollentuna 0-3

Our mid-week match against Sollentuna was a fairly good match for the team, but
they lost focus near the end of each set, making too many errors. 22-25, 20-25,

Best player for RIG:  Lilly Topic


Because of our drop in focus at important moments, for the following match against Lindesberg during training we worked on the score and what it means for us in a match. The team was able to use this  really well when they played.


Lindesberg 0-3

A well fought match in the first and second set.

First set v’s Lindesberg, the girls were very competitive, stuck to the game plan and fought hard for every point. 24-26


Second set was a terrible start, with the girls relaxing off on the second set. They
started to work themselves back into the match too late in the set.  14-25


Third set was also a good start and well played in the middle part of the set. Lindesberg  manged to push ahead around 20 points, and the
girls made a few focus errors based on communication 19-25.


Overall a pleasing match to see the girls working hard towards winning.

Best player for RIG:  Klara Andersson.

Skribent: Adrienne Marie
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