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DA: Sollentunabesvikelse

16 NOV 2016 13:45
The girls Elite match against Sollentuna was played in front of a pretty sizable crowd, it being parents weekend for the players. It was a time when the players could show off for their families and let them see how far they have come this season.
  • Skapad: 16 NOV 2016 13:45

RIG vs Sollentuna 0-3 (18-25, 16-25, 17-25)

Unfortunately RIG DA missed the mark. Maybe it was the pressure to perform well in front of their parents, sibilings and boyfriends. Maybe they were just having a bad day, individually. Whatever the reason, the girls did not perform the way they know how and did not execute tactics in a consistent manner.

The first set was fairly even until a serve miss from RIG and two aces put the opponents in the lead for the rest of the match. The second set started about the same as the first, however, own errors and missed opportunites brought the match to a swift end. The last set proved to be a last ditch effort to make a difference. The pressure was on for most to do something spectacular to bring the energy up on court. However, they were off to an unfortunate 4 point difference. With a few attempts to regain control and some spectacular plays, the match ended in loss.

Mentionable players are Nina Cooper, who made her first Elite Series appearance as a libero. Also Agnes Elm, who made it toughest for Sollentuna’s serve receive with her serving.

Top point scorers: Nora Andersson 10p, Agnes Elm 6p.

Team: Catarina Cooper, Karin Eldh, Nora Andersson, Linda Andersson, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Hanna Hellvig, Matilda Fransson, Erika Lindqvist, Agnes Elm, Sofia Stiernström, Vilma Andersson, Kajsa Österman.

Coach: Whitney Turner
Assistant Coach: Julia Svensson

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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