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DA: Första poängen kom mot Lund

07 NOV 2016 19:40
RIGs elitdamer var snubblande nära att vända ett 0-2 underläge mot Lund men längre än till en 8-7 ledning i femte set nådde man inte. Lite plåster på såret fick man trots allt; första elitseriepoängen för säsongen.
  • Skapad: 07 NOV 2016 19:40

Yesterday afternoons 14.30 match versus the newly appointed 9th team in the Elite series, Lunds VK was set. RIG Elite was ready and prepared as much as they could to give it their best shot. Just like all teams at RIG, they were coming off of a week long vacation from volleyball and school. As you can imagine, the first set was slow to get started. Momentum started to gain towards the end of the set and a battle began for match point. Unfortunately RIG Elite wasn’t able to grab set point, ending the set 24-26 to Lund.

The second set seemed out of our reach from the first serve. RIG looked to be defeated and uninspired while they watched the set slip right through their hands. Own errors and missed opportunities plagued the set and left the team with little chance to come back to win the set. Final score, 17-25.

If you have ever heard of the expression ”to rally”, what happened in the third set was just that. RIG Elite rallied and were not going to just lay down and give Lund a 3-0 win. With aggressive attacks from Hanna Hellvig, some crucial blocks from Erika Linqvist and Cornelia Rosenqvist, momentum was on their side. Finishing the set 25-21.

RIG Elite did not give in at all in the fourth set. Putting down some great attacks and blocks. Sofia Stiernström had a few good attacks from the back court. Karin Eldh contributed with some scrappy defense in the back court as a Libero, a position she does not normally play this season. With RIG up by a lot, they got a little too cavalier towards the end of the set and let Lund in with a 5 point run. Luckily RIG Elite was up by enough points to close out the set 25-21 taking the match to a 5th set.

A 5th set is usually the set that decides which team has the stamina and can outlast the other. RIG Elite and Lund battled out in the beginning of the set, trading point for point, staying even with one another. Once the points hit 8-7 favoring our side, the set began to turn, Lund’s way. With a few miss passes here and some errors in attack there, RIG Elite sensed the match was not going to end the way they were hoping. Even with the effort to get ther team to rally again, the match was over. The final score, 12-15.

Top Scorers:
Hanna Hellvig: 22 points
Nora Andersson: 17 points

Team: Kajsa Österman, Nora Andersson, Vilma Andersson, Agnes Elm, Linda Andersson, Erika Lindqvist, Hanna Hellvig, Karin Eldh, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Sofia Steirnström

Coach: Whitney Turner
Assistant Coach: Sofia Andersson

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