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DA: Förlust mot Svedala

24 OKT 2016 12:32
This afternoon, RIG Elite girls traveled to Svedala for their first match away from Frejahallen in the Eliteseries.
  • Skapad: 24 OKT 2016 12:32

The first set began well with Vilma Andersson pressuring the serve, a kill block from Linda Andersson and a kill down the line from Nora Andersson to give us a 3 point lead. The set continued with some great plays by RIG but were unfortunately eded by Svedala’s professional outside hitter and middle blocker. Final score 14-25.

The third set started fairly the same as the first, with a 3 point lead on Svedala. With a serve miss from the other team, Vilma Andersson went on a 3 point serving streak, adding 2 more aces to her stats. Linda Andersson put down a kill that was touched off the block to make the difference of 3 points. We saw two kill essential blocks from Cornelia Rosenqvist. Some aggressive defense and consistent serve receive from Agnes Elm helped the setters put up many hittable sets. Sofia Andersson was subbed in the middle of the set so we could have 3 attackers in the front row at all times. Its a plus both setters are acceptional attackers. We were able to gain more points this set but were unable to win. Final score 20-25.

After the 10 minute break in between the 2nd and 3rd set, the team felt it had renewed energy and was ready to have some fun. With tough serves from Svedala’s foreign middle, we did not start very well in the 3rd. However, through out the set, there were a lot of defense balls that were coming up, which looked to be on their way to being a kill. The team was not afraid of Svedala’s occasionally big block and swung away gaining momentum. We ended the set on a high note, going for everything and swinging smart. Final score: 16-25

What we can improve on this week in trainings is our serve receive, block, and cover. A new day Monday to challenge ourselves, go for it and enjoy this game!

Team: Agnes Elm, Hanna Eriksson, Linda Andersson, Nora Andersson, Hanna Hellvig, Sofia Stiernström, Karin Eldh, Sofia Andersson, Vilma Andersson, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Erika Lundqvist


Coach: Whitney Turner

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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