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DA: Förlust mot Gislaved

12 DEC 2016 21:22
A full 12 traveled to Gislaved Thursday night. It felt as if RIG had been there only last week competing against them for the first time. This time, we knew more about what they were capable of and were ready to take them on, yet again.
  • Skapad: 12 DEC 2016 21:22

RIG vs Gislaved 0-3 (12-25, 20-25, 18-25)

The first set was less than what was to be expected. After a week of focus on serve receive training, what we had accomplished did not mirror how we performed in the match. With our scattered receive, it was difficult to maintain a flow in the middle and forced our outsides to be up against a solid two person block most of the time. Needless to say we had to change things in order to do a better job in the second set.

With better and more consistent serve recieve later on, RIG was able to etablish a middle and split the block, enabling our outside with a little more breathing room this time around. With the acceleration in serve recieve RIG declined in defence. Holes on the court were left open and our block was unable to make crucial adjustments on Gislaveds key outside hitter. GVK’s professional middle was also making strides after a short stint on the injured list. Still, RIG battled hard and strong through out the set working their way to make GVK earn it in the end.

An appearance in the 3rd set from Matilda Fransson, who showed up in attack and took advantage of block out. We saw some big blocks from Cornelia Rosenqvist and consistency in receive from Agnes Elm. Karin Eldh showed great control and calm in cover and defense.

There were definite moments of genius on the court, however, this was not the best RIG Elite is capable of. More development and exciting matches to come!

Team: Vilma Andersson, Nora Andersson, Linda Andersson, Sofia Andersson, Agnes Elm, Matilda Fransson, Erika Lindqvist, Hanna Hellvig, Kajsa Österman, Karin Eldh, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Sofia Stiernström.

Coach: Whitney Turner

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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