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DA: EVS för starka

16 OKT 2016 12:55
RIG Falköpings damer tog emot 2016 års Svenska Mästarna Engelholms Volley. Trots bra spel och ett inledande jämnt första set kunde Engelholm ta en klar 3-0 seger.
  • Skapad: 16 OKT 2016 12:55

RIG vs Engelholm 0-3 (22-25, 13-25, 11-25)

The first set was fairly even. The RIG Falköping girls were with them point for point up until the end. They executed the game plan pretty well and had minimal errors which helped them stay with EVS. Final score of the first set was 22-25.

The second set, RIG put themselves in trouble with many own errors. Some new players came in from the bench to try and help stop the bleeding of points, but it was not enough to save the set. The final score was 13-25.

The third set mirrored the second in the beginning but was catching speed towards the end. The girls were able to pull off some truly talented plays and ended the match on a much more aggressive and up note then when they began. Final score was 11-25.

A few key players of the match were Nora Andersson who came in as Libero this match due to an abdominal muscle strain. She ran the back court and was vocal and consistent through out the match. Agnes Elm too had a good game. She was consistent and aggressive in attack and was helpful in receive. She was awarded player of the match which was rightfully deserved.

Matilda Fransson also made her first Elite Series match appearance tonight, congratulations!

Vilma Andersson, Agnes Elm, Matilda Fransson, Linda Andersson, Erika Linqvist, Hanna Hellvig, Karin Eldh, Kajsa Österman, Nora Andersson, Sofia Stiernström, Julia Svensson.

Coach: Whitney Turner  

Skribent: Ismo Peltoarvo
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