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DA: Bra match mot Örebro

19 DEC 2016 18:11
The match against Örebro Volley was not just the last match of the year for RIG Elite but somewhat of a homecoming for coach Whitney Turner. She played 4 seasons with the club and had finished her last season in April of this year.
  • Skapad: 19 DEC 2016 18:11

Örebro vs RIG 3-1 (25-20, 27-29, 30-28, 25-14)

Whitney asked RIG elite to make this match count, to make Örebro earn it and they did not disappoint.  The difference from this match and one’s past, was RIG’s defence. With a more sustainable and simple tactic for the teams defence, they were in the right spots more often, digging more. The tactic in block was another force that encouraged better results as well.

The first set started slow but gained momentum towards the end. RIG Elite could feel the energy and excitment of a possible win. Still unsure how it was going to go, they headed into the second set with a few leads. No matter what Örebro did to try and put RIG down in points, RIG answered with a side out. RIG was everywhere and kept putting the ball back on to Örebro’s side. The last few points of the second set were crucial and all went RIG’s way. Agnes Elm had probably one of the best matches of her season so far, putting down an attack through a small opening in the block for the beginning of the end of set two. With a missed serve from the opponent and an attack from Nora Andersson that ripped off the arms of an Örebro defender, set two was ours! Felt like RIG had won the Championship!  

Set three was a rollercoaster of emotion and long rallies. We saw huge blocks in the front row, great defence by Vilma Andersson and intense pressure in serve from Nora Andersson. RIG was up a few times in this set as well and showed they can hang with the top. RIG would have won the third set had they kept one or two more serves in and picked up a few easy balls that went down. They were very well evenly matched with Örebro the entire set.  

The fourth set was more of what teams are expecting when they meet RIG. A lot of ups and downs and an easier team to beat. RIG was making mistakes only young, inexperienced players would make which made it easier for Örebro to win. Even though there were many great plays still, RIG couldn’t get out of the rut they fell into during the set. Unfortunately the set ended quite quickly.

That being said, Coach Whitney Turner could not have been prouder of how RIG Elite played that night. Everyone in the stands and in the league now know what the girls at RIG are capable of and need to be on their guard now. They will not stop developing and growing as players and will only get better. What everyone saw that night was an Elite group of players with team spirit and a competitive attitude like no other.  

With the last Elite match of the year done, the girls can look forward to Christmas break with their families and friends. Until next year, God Jul och Gott Nytt År!  

Team: Agnes Elm, Nora Andersson, Vilma Andersson, Linda Andersson, Cornelia Rosenqvist, Erika Lundqvist, Sofia Andersson, Sofia Stienström, Kajsa Österman, Hanna Hellvig.

Coach: Whitney Turner

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