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Knallecupen- Damer A

17 SEP 2014 19:10
3rd Place in Knallecupen, good start to the Girls season.
  • Uppdaterad: 17 SEP 2014 19:30

The womens A team  were 10 players in total for the weekend, with 5 new players in the team. This tournament is always a good chance to see how players manage the change of playing pace when they move up to the higher level. It also gives them an adjustment period before we start the series.

First two matches we played all 3 sets to 25, as we were in a smaller pool. The rest of the tournament was best of 3 sets.



RIG v Köge Volley: 25-19, 21-25, 23-25
We started with a familiar line up and gradually put the newer players in.  Köge was also a young team, playing at a slightly lower tempo than the elite series matches, so it was a good introduction game. Lots of general mistakes, but they reduced through the match and still stayed competitive.



RIG v Hylte/Halmstad: 25-12, 25-21, 25-17

This match was a good oportunity for the girls to experience playing at a higher tempo. HH  and are a very strong elite series team. Some of the players were a little nervous to begin with, and made a lot of beginner errors in blocking and
defense that they managed to reduce through the match.  The girls listened well throughout the match, and were able to follow instructions well. we had to adjust a few things throughout the match, and the girls managed it really well. Communication was also  better this match.



RIG v Amager VK: 28-26, 14-25, 15-12

A great first set displaying great intensity and desire to win, with a good adjustment
with their skills from the previous matches. The girls looked like they were
learning quickly and making good adjustments from match to match. Second set
was a drop in focus, communication and therefor a lot of errors. They also had
a problem adjusting to the change in game plan. 
Pleasing to see them come back with a good 3rd set win,
taking them to the semis.



Semifinal v Hylte/Halmstad: 25-23, 25-10

Great first set from the girls. They managed to pull everything together, and had a
fantastic fighting performance with great defense and aggressive attacking and
serving. Super impressed by their first set with such new players. Second set
after HH had a few blocks against the girls they lost confidence, and then dropped in their performance.


3rd/4th Play off v Koll VK: 25-13, 25-14

After such a tough match against HH, at a high intensity, they found the last match a little easier. It was a little hard to keep their focus and intensity throughout the match, but overall they kept their skill level up pretty high and had a very convincing win to comfortably take the 3rd place.

Overall a very pleasing start to the season.

Skribent: Adrienne Marie
















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