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PopVolley in English

What is PopVolley?

PopVolley is a new project from the Swedish Volleyball Federation. By PopVolley we want to create an opportunity for a lifelong involvement in sports. PopVolley is based on an organizer who will arrange a volleyballsession, where everyone is welcome. It is easy to play PopVolley, the participator just have to sign up for an optionally PopVolley-session.

PopVolley is played in teams from three to six players, with at least three players and maximum four players on the volleyball court. A maximum of four players on the court, in combination with the opportunity to use one rebound, makes the game easier and increases the quality of the game.

PopVolley is social game and is perfect to play over gender- and generation borders. Volleyball is also an equal sport, free of violence and with a focus on co-operation. PopVolley does not focus on results, you don’t have be connected to a club and there is no long term commitment.

How does a PopVolley-session work?

The organizer is responsible for reserving the required volleyball courts and make sure that the PopVolley-session takes place. It is not necessary for an organizer to have any previous volleyball knowledge, beyond having read the PopVolley organizers guide that the Swedish Volleyball Federation provides. A PopVolley-session lasts for two hours. The organizer has the option to arrange for three teams or for four to six teams. The organizers grant is 3000 sek for a PopVolley-session with three teams and 4000 sek for a PopVolley-session with four to six teams. The teams pay 500 sek in a fee to participate.

Are you interested in organizing a PopVolley-session? Please contact:

Erik Alm
070-690 29 99
This is a mailto link

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